Clean-up and Recycle Campaign

In 2000, Plastics SA initiated Clean-up and Recycle SA Week, which takes place annually, during the week before the International Coastal Clean-up.

This clean-up week is a national event and includes:

  • National River Clean-up Day (Wednesday)
  • Recycling Day SA (Friday)
  • International Coastal Clean-up Day (Saturday)
  • World Clean-up day (Saturday)

Clean-ups have allowed for greater awareness and monitoring of the problem.  Thanks to the ongoing commitment of organisations such as Ocean Conservancy, The United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), The African Waste Network and Plastics|SA, who have added their weight to ensuring that more people in Africa, and specifically Southern Africa, are familiar with the issue of marine debris.

Support from organisations and individuals is essential if the Clean-up and Recycle SA Campaign, National Recycling Day, World Clean-Up Day and International Coastal Clean-up Day are to be successful.