SAVA Joins forces during Clean-up and Recycle Week 2023

The Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA) is excited to announce its participation and support of the upcoming Clean-Up & Recycle SA week and River Clean-Up Day initiatives. SAVA, the leading industry association for the vinyls sector in Southern Africa, will be actively contributing to these annual sustainability events coordinated by Plastics SA by supporting clean-up efforts across the region and promoting environmental awareness.

The association recognizes the importance of mobilising communities to take responsibility for cleaning their own neighbourhoods and is committed to playing an active role in cleaning up our environment.

“PVC (or vinyl) is primarily used in building and construction products such as pipes, gutters, windows and doors or flooring. All of these products have a long life-span of fifty years or more. Less than 2 % of PVC is used in packaging and therefore not often found in the environment as litter or visible pollutants. However, as an industry we want to show our commitment to working towards a cleaner, healthier world,” says Monique Holtzhausen, CEO of SAVA.

For this reason, SAVA and many of its members and other industry role-players will not only donate much-needed resources such as PVC gumboots (from Neptun Boot and BBF Safety) and t-shirts to help keep clean-up crews safe and dry, but will also be encouraged to volunteer their time and energy to participate in clean-ups around the country.

“Participating in this way will not only help ensure the safety and comfort of the volunteers, but also serve as a symbol of unity in the fight against pollution. Clean water is a precious resource, and SAVA is dedicated to preserving and protecting it,” Monique said.

SAVA’s mission is to inspire individuals and organisations to take action in preserving Southern Africa’s natural beauty for future generations. They are committed to promoting environmental responsibility and sustainability within their industry and beyond, seeking to inspire good change and promote awareness about the need for environmental preservation through our active participation in Clean-Up & Recycle SA Week and River Clean-Up Day.